It has come to the attention of Project PAI Foundation that certain unrelated third parties have been listing their coins on various exchanges using the name “PAI” or some derivative thereof. If you have questions as to whether you are making an investment in PAI Coin issued by the Project PAI Foundation, you can find the correct contact here: Additionally, Project PAI is also aware that certain third-party websites are providing various information about the Project PAI Foundation and the issuance of PAI Coin. Please note that Project PAI Foundation has no control over any such third-party websites and cannot speak to the truth or accuracy of any information posted thereon, however, Project PAI Foundation can attest that it has had discussions with the administrators of and and (the “Fan-Site”), which consist of TongTong Sun (collectively, the “Fan-Site Administrators”), and such Fan-Site Administrators as of the date hereof are actual partners of the Project PAI Foundation and Project PAI Foundation considers the Fan-Site to be its official fan-site as of the date hereof.